AFMLTA Inc. Medal for Outstanding Service to Language Teaching

The AFMLTA Inc. Medal for Outstanding Service is awarded to a person who has contributed to the teaching of languages other than English in Australia over an extended period.

An exceptional and outstanding contribution is to be regarded as one that has significantly influenced the pattern and/or quality of language teaching and learning in Australia in some beneficial way.

In most cases the recipient will be or will have been actively involved in the work of the AFMLTA Inc but, in exceptional circumstances, an award may also be made to someone who is not or has not been and would not normally be expected to be or to have been a member of an MLTA/LTA or to have contributed to AFMLTA Inc.

Medal for Outstanding Service to Language Teaching Recipients

1992 Manuel Gelman (1st President AFMLTA)

1994 David Ingram 

1999 Denis Cunningham

2005 Angela Scarino

2008 David Vale

2011 Joe LoBianco

2011 Lia Tedesco

2013 Michael Clyne (posthumously)

AFMLTA Inc Certificate of Merit

This award is made in recognition of dedicated and effective contribution to the work of the AFMLTA over an extended period. The recipient will be or will have been a member of an affiliated MLTA/LTA or have actively contributed to the work of the AFMLTA Inc over an extended period.

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Certificate of Merit Recipients

1997 Barry Muir

2012 Helen Best

2012 Peter Voss

2015 Fulvia Valvasori

2015 Greg Dabelstein

Keith Horwood Memorial Lecture

As a fitting tribute to the memory of the foundation organising secretary of the AFMLTA, who passed away suddenly in 1974, the Keith Horwood Memorial Lecture is a significant feature of each AFMLTA biennial National Conference.

The inaugural Keith Horwood Memorial Lecture was given by Professor Anthony J. Liddicoat at the AFMLTA National Conference, Canberra 2001.

FIPLV International Award

The AFMLTA is able to nominate a representative for the FIPLV International Award. The FIPLV International Award, and initiative of the FIPLV Executive committee, is FIPLV’s highest distinction – in addition to the title of Honorary FIPLV Counsellor, which is reserved for (former) members of the FIPLV executive – and can be awarded to FIPLV members who distinguish or have distinguished themselves by being exceptionally active, innovative, valuable, talented, in one or more fields of language learning and language teaching (as detailed in the FIPLV documents). The FIPLV International Award consists of a certificate of honour, a file containing FIPLV documentation and publication in the FIPLV World News of the candidate’s citation with a picture and with congratulations by the FIPLV Executive Committee.

FIPLV Awards in Australia have been presented to the following people.

2006 Angela Scarino – nominated by MLTASA

2005 Marjory Ellsmore – nominated by MLTANSW

2004 Margaret Gearon – nominated by MLTAV

2016 Joseph Lo Bianco - nominated by AFMLTA

For further information as to how to nominate someone for any of the above awards please refer to the nomination form.